Ocean Freight Shipping & Logistics Price for Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha. Update July 2023

Logistics costs for shisha coals (hookah coals) in July 2023

Best ocean freight shipping prices for delivery of coconut shell charcoal briquettes for shisha. Only from our charcoal factory. Prices are valid until the end of July 2023.

Here you can find cost-efficient solutions for delivering coconut shell charcoal briquettes for shisha with our updated information.

The following price is to declare as coconut charcoal in the Bill of Lading. Please note that these prices are for port-to-port delivery. Hookah coals buyers, still have to arrange import and transportation at your destination.

All charcoal shipping is made with a full set of documents and certifications required.

Shipping as DG cargo. For more information please get in touch with us via WhatsApp at +628118797070

All coconut charcoal briquettes are declared as DG IMO CODE 4.2

HS Code is 4402.20.10

For more information about shipping coconut charcoal briquettes contact us directly or find them here.

Port of loading Semarang, Indonesia.

Destination Port20″ feet (17.5-18.5 tons)40″ feet (25-26 tons)
Belgium, AntwerpUSD 4900USD 5900
Netherlands, RotterdamUSD 4900USD 5900
Germany, HamburgUSD 4900USD 5900
Germany BremerhavenUSD 4900USD 5900
France, Le HavreUSD 4900USD 5900
Poland, GdanskUSD 4900USD 5900
Poland, GdyniaUSD 4900USD 5900
UK, FelixstoweUSD 4900USD 5900
Turkey, Istanbul – AmbarliUSD 4600USD 5800
Turkey, IskenderunUSD 4800USD 5900
Turkey, IzmirUSD 4800USD 5900
Turkey, MersinUSD 4600USD 5800
Greece, ThessalonikiUSD 5500USD 8500
Greece, PiraeusUSD 5500USD 8500
Cyprus, LimassolUSD 5500USD 8500
Romania, ConstantaUSD 5500USD 8500
Jordan, AqabaUSD 3600USD 5200
UAE, Abu DabiUSD 3600USD 5200
UAE, Jebel AliUSD 2500USD 3600
Qatar, HamadUSD 3800USD 5500
Kuwait, SuwaikhUSD 2600USD 3800
Iraq, Umm QasrUSD 4100USD 6100
Saudi Arabia, DammamUSD 3900USD 5800
Saudi Arabia, JeddahUSD 3200*USD 4900*
Egypt, Port Said WestUSD 4700USD 5800
Egypt, SokhnaUSD 4000USD 5100
Morocco, CasablancaUSD 5600USD 8000
Lebanon, BeirutUSD 3800USD 5600
Oman, SoharUSD 4300USD 6500
Georgia, PotiUSD 4500USD 6500
Russia, VladivostokUSD 7500*USD 12500
Australia, BrisbaneUSD 5500USD 7500
Australia, MelbourneUSD 5500USD 7500
Australia, SydneyUSD 5500USD 7500
India, Nhava ShevaUSD 2500USD 3600
India, KolkataUSD 2500USD 3600
Bahrain, BahrainUSD 4000USD 6000
USA, New YorkUSD 7500USD 8400
USA, HoustonUSD 7500**USD 8300**
USA, Los AngelesUSD 7100**USD 8300**
USA, SeattleUSD 7100**USD 8300**
Canada, HalifaxUSD 7800**USD 8800**
Canada, MontrealUSD 7800**USD 8800**
Israel, HaifaUSD 6400USD 7400
Israel, AshdodUSD 6400USD 7400
Table with ocean freight price for shipping coconut charcoal briquettes