coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha and hookah cubes

100% natural coconut shell charcoal briquettes for shisha from a manufacturer in Indonesia

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha

wholesale bulk supply of hookah coals with your brand

directly from a coconut charcoal shell factory in Indonesia

  • 2+ hours of burning time
  • 1.6% ash content
  • Free from Cracks
  • Free from smell & odor
  • 650 °C of burning temperature
  • 100% coconut charcoal without chemicals
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Ask our expert about the price and specifications of coconut charcoal for the shisha.

Trusted by 20+ hookah coals brands from the U.S., Australia, Russia, the Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Turkey, Britain, the Czech Republic, etc.

Types of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha

We are manufacturing and supplying 11 types of coconut charcoal briquettes for wholesale and bulk buyers of hookah coals
All coconut charcoal briquettes are made from 100% natural coconut shells



  • 20x20x20 mm
  • 22x22x22 mm
  • 23.5×23.5×23.5 mm
  • 25x25x25 mm is the most popular size
  • 26x26x26 mm
  • 27x27x27 mm
  • 28x28x28 mm
  • 29x29x29 mm
  • 30x30x30 mm
  • 31x31x31 mm
Finger / Stix



Flat / Slab


Cloud / Lotus 2-3-4 pcs

Special size for better airflow and higher temperature
Cube High Flow

Cube Hole

Cube High Temperature

Specification of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha

Our factory is a bulk & wholesale manufacturer
of charcoal briquettes from coconut shells for Shisha

To Get Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Price Please WhatsApp Us

General Specification
  • Calorific value: 7500 cal
  • Moisture: 6-8%
  • Fixed carbon: 75-80%
  • Ignition time: 8-12 min
  • Volatile matter: 12-14%
Product components:
  • Natural coconut charcoal shells
  • Food grade tapioca
  • Spring water with pH 5.7
  • our love and passion to make the best hookah coals for you 😍
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ROA
  • SHT
  • MSDS
  • Factory Audit

All Shisha Charcoal is Tested in an Independent Laboratory

To guarantee the consistent quality of each batch of coconut shell charcoal briquettes
for shisha is tested by an independent laboratory

Our shisha charcoal plant is ISO 9001:2015 certified for shisha charcoal production technology and quality control

Ask for more certifications

All charcoal briquettes are tested during production and before loading into the container. More information about coconut charcoal briquettes certification

free samples of coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha
free samples of coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha

Get a Free Sample of Hookah Coals (Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for shisha)

Get a free sample of the premium coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha from our Indonesian factory.

We provide a 1 kg sample of cube-size coconut charcoal briquettes.

Samples are free and delivered by DHL. FedEx, EMS, and CDEK
paid for by the customer

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha Quality Guarantee

We guarantee consistency of each batch to specification and quality stability in each container

Our factory, PT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia, is the first to implement the 8-step quality control for coconut shisha charcoal briquettes. We are also one of the few coconut charcoal producers to receive ISO 9001:2015 certification

Each batch of products is checked by our quality control team. Each container shipment is checked by an independent laboratory
quality guarantee for coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha

Why Choose Our Factory for Manufacturing & Suppling Your Hookah Coals Brand

1. Dedicated coconut charcoal shell burning factory on Halmahera Island

We burn the coconut shells by ourselves in our production facility. This allows us to maintain a constant quality of raw materials and their regular supply.

The soil on Halmaher Island is rich in potassium and other minerals. This makes it possible to obtain coconut charcoal for shisha with an ash content of 1.4% (confirmed by an independent laboratory).

Also, coconut shells from Halmahera Island have a high combustion temperature of over 700 degrees

3. We are using 8 steps of quality control from raw material to packing

We are the first plant in Indonesia to apply fully integrated quality control at all stages of production.

Starting from the roasting of coconut shells to the packaging in boxes. Factory experts certified ISO 9001:2015 for quality control and production of coconut briquettes

5. Wrapping your hookah coals boxes with Thermal Blanket in each shipment

wrapped in a thermal blanket or film to protect against moisture and temperature fluctuations. The hookah charcoal will arrive to you safe and sound.

2. Gas ovens for drying coconut charcoal for shisha

Gas ovens are more expensive to operate but give a stable temperature. It is possible to change the drying temperature quickly.

Most factories in Indonesia use wood stoves. This makes the product cheaper, but the quality of briquettes is unstable due to temperature fluctuations and the instability of wood combustion

Gas furnace allows you to maintain the right temperature and drying time of briquettes following the standards.

4. Packaging is printed in a professional printing facility.

We use only full-color industrial offset printing. Make your packaging on 6 colors of German-made Heidelberg printing machines.

The printing facility is also ISO-certified and has its quality control department. Your packaging will arrive in good quality and with vivid colors on quality paper on FSC® certified paper.

6. The factory is located in Magelang, Central Java at 400 meters above sea level.

As a result, we have less oxygen in the air. We also have a lower average temperature and less humidity. This has a good effect on the quality of the products

We are one of the first plants in Indonesia to have developed and implemented production flow charts for each stage of shisha charcoal production

Our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified

We produce, supplied, and sell coconut charcoal for hookah since 2018

We focus on one product and only produce coconut shisha charcoal.

We keep samples of each batch of coconut shisha charcoal to ensure the same quality and characteristics for repeat bulk orders.

Customers can visit our charcoal briquette factory to check and inspect our production and container completeness.

All products are tested by an independent laboratory. Each batch is tested at the factory and sent to the laboratory for control

You can use an independent surveyor to check the quality of coconut charcoal briquettes. We work with Intertek and SGS.

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Factory Data Sheet

Magelang, Indonesia

Legal namePT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia
AddressJl. Mayor Unus Km 1.5 Magelang, Central Java Indonesia
OwnerWilson Gosalim
Production Capacity10 tons of coconut charcoal briquettes per day
ProductCoconut charcoal briquettes for shisha, hookah coals
QualityPlatinum & Super Premium confirmed by Independent lab
BrandingOEM, under the client brand
CertificationISO 9001:2015, Export Approval, Factory Audit

Watch a video about one of the best shisha charcoal factories

Watch the short video about our production of coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha
See the manufacturing process of hookah coals for bulk wholesale buyers.

Photos of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes Factory & Supplier

Virtual Tour of The Coconut Shell Shisha Charcoal Factory

Drag to the left or right photo with your mouse to see around the coconut charcoal briquettes factory in Indonesia

Do you want to see more or arrange a visit to our coconut charcoal factory? Please contact us, so we can help you!

Visit our factory
coconut charcoal box inner box layout 1 kg
coconut charcoal box inner box layout 1 kg

Private Label

Custom Packaging with Your Brand

White label packaging Best OEM coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha packaging
for your customers with your brand

Master box bulk packaging for coconut charcoal for shisha
Master box bulk packaging for coconut charcoal for shisha

Master Box

Big brown box that holds shisha coals. 

Available in sizes: 10 kg, 12 kg, 15 kg, and 20 kg


  • black & white
  • 3 colors print
  • full-color print (sides)
  • full-color print (whole box)

The box is printed with your brand

inner box packaging for coconut charcoal shisha
inner box packaging for coconut charcoal shisha

Master Box + Inner Box

The inside big brown master box we put full color with your brand Inner Boxes with lamination

Available sizes of Inner Box:

  • 1kg – 2 kg
  • 250 gr – 500 gr

Minimum order & Payment Terms

The minimum order for most destinations is 18 tons (20″ft container). It is possible to mix different sizes and packaging of shisha coconut charcoal inside one container

Minimum Order (MOQ)

USA, RussiaAll other countries
1 ton
(LCL container)
18 tons
(20″ ft FCL container)

Payment Terms

  • Currencies: USD, Euro, Yuan, USDT
  • Payment method: Bank transfer (TT vias SWIFT), LC

PT. Coco Total Karbon Indonesia is a registered & legal company in Indonesia.

All invoices & payments only to PT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia Bank Central Asia Tbk accounts only

We provide contracts and fixed specifications for each order. For Russian customers, we have a special contract suitable for Bank Control

40"feet container at gates at coconut shell charcoal briquettes factory
40″feet container at gates at coconut shell charcoal briquettes factory
Ask about Minimum Order & Payment Terms

Shisha Charcoal Production time

freight sea containers for shipping charcoal
  • 10 days for a 20″ ft (18 tons) container
  • 14 days for a 40″ ft (25 tons) container
  • Inner box/master box printing: 2-3 weeks
  • packaging 3-6 days

20″FCL ocean container: 17.5 – 20 ton
40″HQ FCL ocean container: 25 – 26 ton

Port of Loading

  • Semarang (IDSRG).
  • By request, available Surabaya (IDSUB), Jakarta (IDTPP)
Ask more about Production time

Delivery Hookah Coals Worldwide

map of coconut charcoal delivery

Shipping time for shisha charcoal

USAHouston, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle35-65
EUAntwerp, Bremerhaven, Gdansk, Le Havr35-45
AustraliaMelbourne, Sydney25-35
RussiaVladivostok, Vostochni
St Petersburg, Novorossijsk
UKLondon Gateway, Felixstowe 35-45
MediterraneanTurkey, Libia, Lebanon, Greece, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania 35-45
Middle EastUAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq25-45
CanadaHalifax, Montreal, Vancouver35-65
IndiaMumbai, Chennai 35-65

Export Documents

We provide a full package of export documents to bring your coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha to the USA, Germany, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and Australia.

We can help you to arrange the shipment to your country and find the best shipping lines.

Note: we are a factory and cannot do customs clearance in your country, but we can recommend a trusted customs broker if you need

export documents for coconut charcoal briquettes
export documents for coconut shisha charcoal briquettes


Standard documents

  • Bill of Lading (Original or Telex Released)
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Export Declaration

Additional list of documents

  • Self Heating Test (SHT)
  • Result of Analysis (ROA)
  • Factory Audit (FA)
  • Manufacturer declaration
  • Manufacturer’s material safety data sheet (MSDS)
  • Weathering report
  • Vanning Certificate
  • Fumigation certificate
  • Phytosanitary certificate
  • ISF Form (for the US)

Why Choose Us As Your Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for shisha Wholesale Supplier & Manufacturer

100% natural coconut charcoal
Coconut Charcoal
coconut charcoal free from smell made for shisha
From Smell
best quality coconut charcoal with ash
from 1.6%
Ash Content
2+ Hours Burning Time​
2+ hours
Burning Time

2+ hours of burning time

watch this short video to check the hookah coals burning time

Extra Strong Hookah Coal

Safe for your customers. Free from cracks, spills, and breaks.


to produce the smallest mesh of coconut shell charcoal


to clean raw coconut charcoal from dust


to produce hard and smooth charcoal briquettes


for precise cutting of briquettes within 0.05 mm


for the fastest production of briquettes

100% Natural Charcoal

Our coconut charcoal briquettes are made from 100% natural coconut shells that are organically grown without any mixtures of wood or artificial chemicals. We source our raw coconut shells in bulk, up to 520 tons per month from our own production plant in Halmahera, Indonesia.

Quality Control

We are the first factory in Indonesia to implement 8 steps quality control system. Our factory is ISO9001:2015 certified for the quality control and production of hookah coals. Each batch of coconut charcoal briquettes is tested by an independent laboratory.

OEM Manufacturer

Coconut charcoal briquettes manufactured under your brand or Private Label (OEM manufacturer). We can pack it in 1, 2, 5, and 10 kg carton boxes with full-color print, laminating, and embossing. We keep your design secret, sign NDA and make it is safe from your competitors.

Henry Gosalim coconut charcoal factory owner

Henry Gosalim

Charcoal Factory Owner

My name is Henry Gosalim, and I own PT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia. My factory is dedicated to producing top-quality, 100% natural coconut shell charcoal briquettes for hookah worldwide.

Our factory in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, has two coconut charcoal briquette production lines with a daily capacity of 10 tons.

We also offer bulk supplies of up to 300 metric tons per month, and we ship to wholesalers in the USA, Canada, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Australia, Russia, the UK, Bahrain, and the Czech.

Our coconut charcoal briquettes (hookah coals) come in two main types: Super Premium, and Platinum, with the highest quality grade being Platinum.

We guarantee that our hookah coals have an ash content of less than 2% and are odorless, ensuring that your smoking experience is of the highest quality.

We take pride in being the first shisha coconut charcoal factory to integrate an 8-step quality control process, ensuring that each batch of charcoal meets our strict specifications. As an ISO 9001:2015 – certified manufacturer, we prioritize quality and consistency in everything we produce.

Our passion for creating the best charcoal in the world drives us to improve our methods and facilities constantly. Our buyers in Australia, Russia, and the USA are number one in terms of quality charcoal, and we strive to continue providing them with the best product possible.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our products, please do not hesitate to contact me at We look forward to hearing from you!

Wilson Gosalim co owner, commissioner of coconut charcoal briquettes factory
Wilson Gosalim co-owner, and commissioner of the coconut charcoal briquettes factory

Wilson Gosalim

Factory co-Owner, Commissioner

Wilson Gosalim is our coconut charcoal briquettes factory’s co-owner and commissioner.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in Indonesia and his master’s degree from a university in London, UK.

Wilson has gained valuable experience working for a leading European construction company, and he brings this wealth of experience to our team.

He is responsible for managing our operations and ensuring smooth and efficient production processes at our factory. Additionally, he oversees raw material production at our Halmahera factory.

Wilson is committed to maintaining our high-quality standards and is available at for any questions or assistance needed.

Gatot Wibowo, director and head of production coconut charcoal briquettes
Gatot Wibowo, director and head of production of coconut charcoal briquettes

Gatot Wibowo

Director, Head of R&D department

Introducing Gatot Wibowo, the Director of our coconut charcoal briquettes factory and the Head of our R&D Department.

Gatot is a highly experienced professional who is dedicated to developing and researching the best possible quality hookah coals for our customers.

Under Gatot’s leadership, our clients have become the number one sellers of coconut charcoal briquettes in Australia, the USA, and Russia.

Before joining our team, Gatot worked extensively in the tobacco industry, gaining valuable experience and insights into what makes the best charcoal for shisha. His expertise has been invaluable in helping us create the perfect hookah coals for our customers.

All questions about quality and production you can send to Mr. Gatot at

Setiawati Trisno - coconut charcoal briquettes factory finance director
Setiawati Trisno – coconut charcoal briquettes factory finance director

Setiawati Trisno

Head of Finance

We are delighted to have Mrs. Setiawati as a valuable member of our team. With over 25 years of experience working in the world’s top accounting firms in Jakarta, Mrs. Setiawati brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our company.

As part of our team, Mrs. Setiawati is responsible for overseeing our financial operations, ensuring that our accounting practices comply with industry standards and regulations. We are proud to have her leading our finance department and contributing to our continued success.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our financial operations, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Setiawati at She will be happy to assist you.

Elang Wibowo
Elang Wibowo

Elang Wibowo

Head of Grinding and crusher department

Meet Elang Wibowo, the Head of the Grinding and Crushing Department at our coconut charcoal briquettes factory. Elang is responsible for ensuring that the coconut charcoal shells are ground and crushed to the right size mesh powder, a crucial step in the production of our high-quality hookah coals.

In addition to his responsibilities in the Grinding and Crushing Department, Elang is also the Head of the Second Production Unit at our factory.

Elang’s dedication and attention to detail have helped us produce some of the best hookah coals in the market, and we are proud to have him as a valued member of our team.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our grinding and crushing operations, please reach out to Elang at

Erik Eka head of warehouse and purchasing
Erik Eka head of warehouse and purchasing

Erik Eka

Head of the warehouse and purchasing

Meet Erik Eka, the Head of Warehouse and Purchasing at our coconut charcoal briquettes factory. Erik is responsible for overseeing our warehouse operations and ensuring that our high-calibrated instruments and machinery are well-maintained and safe.

With Erik at the helm of our warehouse, we can rest assured that everything is in its proper place. His extensive knowledge of our huge production area, spanning over 5000 square meters, allows him to easily find anything that is needed.

In addition to his warehouse duties, Erik also manages our purchasing department, ensuring that we have all the necessary materials and supplies to keep our production running smoothly.

Erik’s attention to detail and meticulous approach to his work has been instrumental in our success as a company. We are proud to have him as a part of our team.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our warehouse operations or purchasing, please do not hesitate to reach out to Erik. He will be more than happy to assist you.

Krisna Wibawa quality control coconut charcoal briquettes factory
Krisna Wibawa quality control coconut charcoal briquettes factory

Krisna Wibawa

Head of Quality Control Department

Meet Krisna Wibawa, the Head of Quality Control at our coconut charcoal briquettes factory. Krisna is a crucial part of our production process, as he ensures that every batch of charcoal that we produce meets our high standards of quality.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Krisna is an expert in the field of quality control. He carefully examines and checks each batch of charcoal to ensure that it meets our strict specifications, including ash content and odor.

In addition to his internal checks, Krisna also sends samples to an independent laboratory for further testing and verification. This ensures that our products consistently meet our high-quality standards.

Thanks to Krisna’s dedication and expertise, our factory has achieved ISO9001 quality standard certification, making us one of the best coconut charcoal briquette producers in the industry.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our quality control process, please do not hesitate to reach out to Krisna at He will be more than happy to assist you.

Ibu Siti head of packaging coconut charcoal briquettes
Ibu Siti head of packaging coconut charcoal briquettes

Ibu Siti Pur

Head of the packaging department

Meet Ibu Siti, the Head of Packaging at our coconut charcoal briquettes factory. With over 7 years of experience, she ensures that our products are packed carefully and cleanly.

Ibu Siti manages the entire packaging process, from filling inner plastic bags with charcoal to packing those bags into boxes. She ensures that each package is sealed properly and free of debris or contaminants.

She also performs quality checks on packaging materials and boxes to ensure high quality and durability. Thanks to Ibu Siti’s expertise, we guarantee our products arrive in pristine condition.

If you have any questions or concerns about our packaging, please contact Ibu Siti at

greg ryabtsev coconut charcoal expert
greg ryabtsev coconut charcoal expert

Greg Ryabtsev

Coconut charcoal expert

Greg Ryabtsev is a well-known expert in the field of coconut charcoal.

He is one who had established industry standards for the production and testing of hookah coals, and his expertise is invaluable to our factory.

Greg works closely with our clients to help them choose the right specifications of charcoal for their needs, and his knowledge and experience are instrumental in ensuring that we produce the highest quality coconut charcoal briquettes possible.

You can contact him via WhatsApp, Telegram, or Botim at +628118797070, or simply email him at

coconut charcoal factory team
coconut charcoal factory team

Frequently Asked Questions
about coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha

Certainly! Our coconut charcoal factory in Magelang, Indonesia warmly welcomes visitors.

If you’re interested in seeing our production process, please let us know your expected arrival date and time, and we’ll arrange to pick you up at either Semarang or Jogjakarta airport.

Our team will transport you to the factory, which is about a two-hour drive from the airport.

In addition, we’re happy to assist with arranging your accommodations in Magelang.

Most of our first-time wholesale buyers find it helpful to visit the factory and see our staff, production process, packing, and container stuffing firsthand.

Actually, most of our first-time buyers are always coming to visit our factory before buying from us. It is good to visit us and see our team, and production process and check the quality of charcoal.

Thank you for considering a visit to our coconut charcoal factory!

Yes, we offer OEM production services and can produce coconut charcoal briquettes under your brand and design.

All of our coconut charcoal is produced under our customers’ brands. Simply send us your packing design, and we’ll take care of printing it for you.

Please note that we do not handle the design process ourselves. Our primary focus and specialization are producing high-quality coconut charcoal briquettes for hookah.

As the manufacturer, we ensure that our products meet specific parameters for wholesale and bulk buyers.

Please contact us to get the layout for the inner box and master box packaging, so your designer can do an easy and correct-sized design.

It’s important to note that our price includes printing the inner box with a standard design on 250g duplex e-flute paper in full color.
If you require a different type of paper, lamination, embossing, UV spot, or foil printing please reach out to us so that we can provide a customized cost estimate for printing.
Thank you for considering our services for your hookah coal needs.

We strive to produce coconut charcoal briquettes that meet your specifications and requests. And we understand that you, as our wholesale bulk buyer only have the height and best quality charcoal you can sell.

However, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong, and we’re prepared to handle it. If the specification of our coconut charcoal briquettes differs from what we promised, we’ll either exchange or refund your purchase.

We’re committed to ensuring that our customers make money from our products, just as we do. We take pride in caring about our customers and their satisfaction.

If you have any complaints about the quality of our coconut charcoal briquettes, please reach out to us at or via WhatsApp at +62 853 28 7272 91. Our Quality Control team and Greg Ryabtsev personally will help you with all issues. We are responsible and invested in the quality of our product.

To ensure the best quality, we confirm that our factory is certified with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
Our dedicated QC team performs eight steps of quality control during the production of all hookah coals.

Additionally, each batch of briquettes undergoes independent laboratory testing for quality assurance.

Thank you for trusting us with your coconut charcoal briquette needs.

We take our quality control very seriously when producing coconut charcoal briquettes according to your specifications.

Each production batch undergoes separate testing. We work with independent laboratories, such as the University of Gajah Mada, Semarang, Beckjorindo, and Carsurin laboratories to test our products for ash content, moisture, volatile matter, and other essential parameters.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified and REACH-compliant factory, we’re proud to be the first in Indonesia to implement an eight-step quality control procedure. We take pride in ensuring that all our products meet the highest quality standards.

If you have any concerns about the quality of your order, we encourage you to come and visit our charcoal briquette factory in Indonesia at any time.

You can monitor the production process and container stuffing yourself. Alternatively, you can hire an independent surveyor to inspect the quality for you.
Thank you for trusting us with your coconut charcoal briquette needs.

We accept payments via TT (Telegraph transfer) bank transfer to our company account in Indonesia. Our preferred banks are Bank of Danamon (for Euro payments) and BCA (for USD and Yuan), and the Swift codes are BDINIDJA for Danamon and BDINIDJA for BCA.

We accept USD, Euro, Yuan, and USDT currencies.

All payments are made according to the Invoice on our corporate company name PT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia.

We do not accept payments through Western Union, Paypal (except payment for samples), or any other non-bankable payment method.

Our payment terms require a 50% down payment to start the production process of coconut charcoal briquettes and the printing of boxes. After we receive the down payment, we will begin the production process, which takes about 10 working days to load a 1×20 feet container.

We will pack the charcoal cubes into inner boxes, followed by master boxes, and label them according to your requirements. Staffing the container with the coconut charcoal briquette boxes takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Once the container is shipped, we will prepare the shipping documents, including the Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, invoice, and packing list, which takes about 3-5 days.

After that, we will send you a photocopy of the B/L and COO, and you will transfer us the remaining 50% payment. Upon receiving the payment, we will send you the original documents via DHL or telex release.

We do not accept L/C for orders of fewer than 10 containers of coconut charcoal. However, we do accept L/C at sight for all countries for larger orders. We also offer payment terms such as FOB, CNF, CIF, and EXW. Please contact us at or +62 811 879 7070 (WhatsApp) if you have any further questions or need clarification on our payment terms.

We ship our coconut charcoal briquettes from either the port of Semarang (Tanjung Emas, ID SRG) or Surabaya (Tanjung Perak, ID SUB), Indonesia. It takes 12-18 hours to track the containers from the charcoal factory to the port.

The distance can be covered by car in 3 hours, but trucks move at a slower pace. The containers depart every Friday, Saturday, and Thursday, with the CY closing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Here is an estimated transit time for containers from Semarang (ID SRG) to various ports:

  • Port Klang (MYPKG): 3-5 days
  • Jeddah (SAJED): 22-32 days
  • Port Said (EGPSD/E): 19-23 days
  • Barcelona (ESBCN): 25-30 days
  • Rotterdam (NLRTM): 25-30 days
  • Hamburg (DEHAM): 24-29 days
  • Antwerpen (BEANER): 25-30 days
  • Gdynia (PLGDY): 40-45 days
  • St. Petersburg (RULED): 40-45 days
  • Novorossiysk (RUNVS): 30-45 days
  • Los Angeles (USLAX): 30-36 days
  • New York (USNYC): 34-41 days
  • Melbourne (AUMEB): 18-25 days

Please note that transit times and departure dates may vary depending on the shipping line.

We sell our coconut charcoal briquettes on a FOB or CIF basis and are happy to recommend a good shipping line. Containers are typically transshipped via Singapore or Port Klang, Malaysia. The production time for filling a 20” feet container with coconut charcoal is 7 days.

To place an order for bulk coconut charcoal briquettes for hookah, first, choose the charcoal specification that suits your needs.

Our Super Premium & Platinum types differ in Ash content, moisture, volatile matter, and drop test. We can also produce coconut charcoal according to your specific requirements.

Next, get in touch with us via Whatsapp at +62 853 28 7272 91 or email us at We will confirm the charcoal production dates, and availability, and issue your invoice.

You are also welcome to visit our charcoal factory to see and test our coconut charcoal briquettes for yourself. Please confirm the schedule first, as we are serving other clients too.
Please note that the production of coconut charcoal briquettes takes 10 days to fill a 20ft container, so please plan accordingly.

Our production capacity for coconut charcoal briquettes is 10 tons per day or 300 tons per month, utilizing 2 production lines with 7 gas ovens to ensure a stable and efficient production process.

Additionally, we have our own burning facility at Halamhera, which provides us with the best quality raw material.

We can manufacture and supply hookah coals for a 20″ft container (18 tons) in just 10 days, and for a 40″ft container (25 tons) in just 14 days, including the processes of grinding, mixing, production, and packing into inner plastic bags. Please note that printing of packaging may take 2-3 weeks.

To request a sample of our coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha, please contact us via Whatsapp at +628118797070 or

Our expert Greg Ryabtsev will provide you with all the necessary details about our products including specifications, pricing, and shipping options.

We offer free samples which will be delivered through DHL/FedEx/EMS/SDEK to ensure product quality. However, please note that shipping costs for sample products will be charged to the customer.

Do you have any questions about manufacturing, supplying wholesale bulk buying, shipping, and exporting coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha (hookah coals)?

Ask Our Expert

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for shisha (Hookah coals) Factory Address

Factory legal name:

PT. Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Factory,
PT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia

Factory location Google Maps link:

Factory location
Jl. Mayor Unus KM 1.5
Magelang 56172
Central Java, Indonesia


+62 811 879 7070


Working hours:
  • Factory: 24/7
  • Office: Mon-Sat 08:00 – 20:00 (GMT+7)
We are working now