Quality Control for Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha


quality control at coconut charcoal briquettes factory
quality control at coconut charcoal briquettes factory

Our coconut charcoal factory places great emphasis on quality control and implements an extensive 8-step inspection process throughout the production of hookah coal. 

We operate in-house and third-party independent laboratory testing that ensures that we consistently produce high-quality coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha with an ash content of no more than 1.6%, and a burning time of 2+ hours. 

Not only laboratory and field tests, but our charcoal factory is also certificated with ISO 9001 the international Standard for Quality Management.

To make sure our wholesale charcoal buyers can sell our product and enjoy a quality shisha smoking experience, it’s essential to check for several key parameters when selecting shisha charcoal. 

All those parameters are being constantly checked by our Quality Control factory team.

First, we check Odorless and Sparkless: Using odorless and sparkless coconut charcoal for shisha is crucial as it ensures that the charcoal does not emit any unwanted smells or sparks during use. 

Discover the highest quality coconut charcoal for hookah with our coconut charcoal factory. Our 8-step quality control process and in-house and independent laboratory testing guarantee an ash content of no more than 1.6% and a burning time of 2+ hours.

Discover the highest quality coconut charcoal for hookah with our coconut charcoal factory. Our 8-step quality control process and in-house and independent laboratory testing guarantee an ash content of no more than 1.6% and a burning time of 2+ hours.

Most important free from smell.  Basically, it is the main reason why coconut charcoal is being used for hookah coals.

Second, Long Burning Time: A longer burning time of over 2 hours ensures a longer-lasting hookah smoking experience without the need for frequent coal replacements. Our cube of 25 mm can stay up to 2 hours 15 minutes, Cube 28 can last up to 2 hours 45 minutes.

Third: Low Ash Content: Low ash content leads to higher temperatures and a better taste of shisha tobacco. 

coconut charcoal briquettes cubes 25 mm
coconut charcoal briquette cubes 25 mm

We maintain starting burning temperature at 650 – 750 Celsius.  A high and stable burning temperature helps to keep the hookah smoking experience consistent, with no dips in temperature affecting the flavor and smoke output. Again, it is extremely important to keep a stable high temperature while smoking shisha

Forth. Strength and Durability: It is essential that the coals are strong and do not crack or break if dropped, to ensure a stable and consistent smoking experience. No crack on the charcoal, no need to replace it.

Our coconut charcoal is odorless, sparkless, strong and durable, with a low ash content for a better taste. Join wholesale buyers and enjoy a quality shisha smoking experience with our product from Indonesia, expertly guided by Greg Ryabtsev.

To whom this article is:

This article has been written to provide valuable insights and information to wholesale bulk buyers of coconut charcoal who are considering purchasing the product from our factory in Indonesia, with the aim of reselling and distributing it within their respective countries. 

The composition of this article was carried out under the expert guidance of Greg Ryabtsev, a renowned authority in the field of coconut charcoal.

How do we check the quality of coconut charcoal briquettes

In-house quality control team

Our coconut charcoal factory has a special team for checking the quality of our products. Before someone joins this team, they go through a 3-month training. After training, they take an exam and must pass it in front of the production director, production manager, and factory owner.

We have three teams for checking charcoal quality: one checks the raw coconut shells materials, another check during the production process, and the last one checks the final product and packaging. 

The team that checks during production works in a lab on the second floor near a meeting room. This way, our customers can come and see the quality control process for themselves.

Independent quality control with laboratory

In addition to our in-house quality control measures, our charcoal undergoes regular assessments from an independent quality control laboratory to verify the quality of our coconut charcoal briquettes. 

This helps us to cross-check and calibrate our laboratory.  We send some of our charcoal to this lab once a week to double-check and make sure our own quality control is accurate.

It helps us to cross-check and be sure that our charcoal briquettes are according to the standards.

The laboratory conducts thorough tests to determine the ash content, moisture level, calorific value, and volatile matter of the charcoal.

8 steps quality control process

Our quality control consists of 8 steps in an in-house quality control procedure that includes:

1. quality check of raw material (moisture, ash content, ash color)

2. quality check of meshed material (size of mesh, density of mesh)

3. Pre-mixing and post-mixing quality check on ash color and ash content

4. Extrusion stage we do a quality check for viscosity, density, stretching, compression, elasticity, hardness, flexibility, brittleness

5. Cutting stage: we check the size of briquettes, irregularities, the roughness of the product, ash content, and ash color

6. Pre-oven and after-oven stage: we check moisture, ash granule content, ash content, ash color, self-reheating capability, burning time, start temperature, end temperature

7. After packing quality check with an independent laboratory

8. Random check after 1-week of packaging for the final product

The raw material of coconut charcoal shell check

First, our quality control team is checking raw materials. We use only natural coconut charcoal shells. It is a natural product that can naturally vary in its properties.

Depending on the region coconut was grown, the season (wet or dry season) of coconut charcoal shells can be very different. 

Our factory operates its own charcoal-burning facility on Halmahera Island, but due to high production volume, we have to buy some additional coconut charcoal shells from independent farmers.

That is why we have been 100% sure that all coconut charcoal shells are good and according to our factory standards.

One key aspect of quality control for coconut charcoal briquettes is ensuring that the raw materials used are of high quality. 

This includes selecting coconuts that are free from mold or rot, as well as ensuring that the charcoal used in the briquettes is pure and free from contaminants.

Besides it, we check the carbon value content to make sure it burned perfectly.

We check:

  • moisture, 
  • ash content, 
  • ash color
  • Carbon value
  • Calorific value

After coconut charcoal is checked by the QC team it is delivered to our crushing facility at the second production unit. 

The second production unit is located 500 meters from the main production factory. Coconut shell charcoal is being checked, separated, and screened. 

We operate industrial grade 8 and 12-meter-length, automatic screeners. It helps to keep charcoal clean from any dirt other than charcoal materials. 

After screening, the raw material is crushed and becomes a powder. By the way, our QC is also checking and measuring mesh size, to keep it constant. 

Production stage quality control

After crushing and becoming a mesh the coconut charcoal goes to the production line. 

Coconut charcoal is mixed with water and tapioca. 

Another important aspect of quality control is monitoring the manufacturing process to ensure it is carried out correctly. 

This includes checking the temperature and pressure used during the briquetting process and monitoring the final product’s moisture content.

The production stage includes Mixing, Extrusion, Cutting, Breaking, and Drying processes.

On all of those processes, we check:

  • Moisture
  • Burning Temperature at the start
  • Burning Temperature at the end
  • Ignition time
  • Reheating capability after the flame dies without oxygen
  • viscosity, 
  • Density,
  •  stretching, 
  • compression, 
  • elasticity, 
  • hardness, 
  • flexibility, 
  • Brittleness

The very important part is to check the shape and size of the briquettes. If we produce a cube, it should be a perfect shape cube with 0.5% volatility in the angles. 

Same with the size of coconut charcoal briquettes should be the same size as all charcoal briquettes and the proportion of briquettes.

The very important part is the weight of the briquettes. It should be according to the specification and factory standards

Gas oven quality control check

One of the critical parts of production is the drying process. It is made in a gas oven. Each oven can carry 2.5-3.5 tons of charcoal.

After the oven, we make Drop Test or fragility test to know how strong is the charcoal. It is important to have strong charcoal briquettes to keep them from falling apart if it falls down.

During the drying process, we control the temperature, moisture, and hardness of coconut charcoal briquettes.

We are using 4 gas ovens that allow us to control the exact temperature. 

There are many factories that use wood or wood pellets. They can make a cheaper product, but they cannot guarantee the quality as we do with gas ovens.

Packaging Stage Quality Control

Besides production very important to control the packaging. Make sure your charcoal is packed clean and tight. 

We check the printing quality of the master boxes and inner boxes. Make sure all colors, gradation, cutting, and glue are the same and good.

Loading to container

Before loading the boxes of coconut charcoal briquettes into the ocean container, we take the time to clean each box.

loaded container with boxes with coconut shell charcoal briquettes for shisha
loaded container with boxes with coconut shell charcoal briquettes for shisha
loading container with coconut charcoal briquettes
loading container with coconut charcoal briquettes
cleaning boxes before staffing to the container
cleaning boxes before staffing to the container

This ensures that you receive clean boxes when the shipment arrives. We also mark each row of boxes with the number of boxes in it. This helps us keep track of the exact number of boxes we are loading and ensures that we load the correct amount.

This attention to detail and thorough process helps ensure that our clients receive high-quality coconut charcoal briquettes.

In conclusion, 

The article describes the quality control measures in place for the production of coconut charcoal briquettes for hookah coals.

Our coconut charcoal briquettes factory in Indonesia has an in-house quality control team, as well as regular assessments from an independent laboratory, to ensure that the charcoal has an ash content of no more than 1.6%, a burning time of over 2 hours, is odorless, sparkless, strong and durable, and has a low ash content for a better taste of shisha tobacco.

The raw materials are carefully checked, including the coconut shells which must be free from mold or rot.

The 8-step quality control process includes checks at various stages of production, and a random check after 1-week of packaging for the final product.

The article is aimed at wholesale buyers of the product.

 The best coconut charcoal for shisha is made by Greg Ryabtsev at PT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia. If you are interested in purchasing coconut charcoal, please visit www.charcoal.pro to check prices and specifications.