Hologram Stickers: Adding Flair and Flare to Your Hookah Coal Packaging!

Hologram stickers for shisha charcoal
Hologram stickers for shisha charcoal

Greg is here and I am very excited to tell you that now we can add super cool hologram 3D stickers to your packaging too.

So, you’ve got the hottest hookah coals in town with the best box design and branding, but how do you make sure everyone knows they’re yours? Introducing hologram protective stickers – the new heroes of branding and security in the world of shisha charcoal 😁

What Are Hologram Stickers?

Imagine a tiny, shiny sentinel guarding your brand’s integrity on every box of hookah coals. That’s the hologram sticker! It’s not just bling for your packaging; it’s a shield against imitators and a wink to your customers that says, “Yep, these are the real deal.”

These stickers sport a sleek, silver sheen and, when tilted just right, reveal your brand’s logo or other symbols like a secret code for the initiated.

Hologram stickers for shisha charcoal
Hologram stickers for shisha charcoal

Why Should You Stick with Hologram Stickers?

Well, for starters, they’re like the bouncers of the branding world, keeping copycats at bay. But beyond that, they give your packaging a polished, professional edge. Think of it as a makeover for your charcoal boxes – instant glam, guaranteed! It is very eye catchy and will stand up from the row of other boxes in the tobacco shop.

Plus, let’s not forget the cool factor. Customers can’t help but notice that shiny sticker, and it’s a surefire way to boost your brand. It’s like adding “+100 to your karma” with every box sold. And hey, some stickers even come with digital verification – turning every purchase into a mini treasure hunt for authenticity!

Types of Stickers for Hookah Coals

Now, when it comes to hologram stickers, you’ve got options. The top picks for hookah coal packaging include:

  1. The Seal of Security: This sticker hugs the connection between the lid and the box, sealing it shut with a special glue-paper combo. It’s like a fortress for your charcoal, ensuring nobody gets a sneak peek before it’s time to light up. It uses special glue and paper type that is broken while you open the box. So, it is the guarantee that nobody opens your shisha charcoal before your – kind of charcoal seal.
  2. QR Code Quest: Here’s where the fun starts. These stickers flaunt a unique QR code that customers can scan for a virtual pat on the back – a verification certificate proving they have the original packaging. Personally, I like this type of sticker very much as it works as the gamification for your clients.

Stiker location

The most common place is to put stickers on the inner box or inner plastic. Some clients are asking to use it on the master box too.

Hologram stickers on the side of the box
Hologram stickers on the side of the box
hologram sticker on the upper lid cover and side wall of the hookah coal box
hologram stickers on the upper lid cover and the side wall of the hookah coal box

All stickers can be made with your brand design. The size of the stickers is flexible but usually, we use 2 x 1.5 cm and 3×2.5 cm. The minimum order is 25 thousand pieces. All stickers are printed in a professional specialized hologram protection printing house. The printing time for the non-branded stickers is 5 days, and for branded stickers is 35 days.