Ultimate Guide to Understanding Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Specifications

Understanding the meaning and value of hookah coal specifications

Burning Temperature

One of the most important parameters of coconut charcoal is stability and high temperature of burning.

Our briquettes for shisha are always tested in an independent laboratory.

The hottest burning point is 650 °C and it is kept above 500 °C during 2 hours of burning.

This is an excellent result and best for the shisha smoking experience.

Below is the graphic of the temperature burning test from the Independent laboratory.

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha Burning Temperature
Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha Burning Temperature

What is Hookah Charcoal Drop Test

Understanding measurements and importance of shatter index for briquettes

One of the most important specifications for hookah coconut charcoal is the drop test or it is also called the shatter index.

So what is a drop test?

Basically, it is the measure of how strong is the briquettes. How many times it will fall down without breaking a part or having cracks?

What is important?

Simply, the stronger your hookah charcoal is the better for you. You do not want your charcoal will fall apart or break while smoking hookah, right?

coconut charcoal on hookah
coconut charcoal on hookah

Your hookah coal should have no cracks, or spills and have to keep its shape even if it falls down from the hookah.

How it is measured?

Coconut charcoal briquettes burning & drop test.

Simply drop the hookah charcoal from the height to the floor. But here is the “devil in details”. How to drop it, how many times?

First of all, you have to light up the coconut charcoal on the stove until it starts burning.

Usually, it takes 5 to 10 minutes. After your coconut charcoal is red hot you put it on the hookah and wait for 10 minutes.

Important, do not drop charcoal just after it starts burning. Wait for 10 minutes on hookah until it burns evenly

Only after that do you take your charcoal and drop it to the floor. Be careful, make sure to protect your floor from the fire.

The charcoal cube can be at 650 Celsius hot, so do not burn your floor ))

The best is to drop your charcoal on the tiles floor. Drop it from a height of 1 meter (39 inches). Do not throw it with the force, just let it fall down by itself.

The ideal is you throw your hookah charcoal 3 times and it is still the same shape without cracks.