How to check coconut charcoal briquettes factory & supplier coconut charcoal on hookah smoking

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If you are looking for coconut charcoal supplier in Indonesia – you can find hundreds of websites claiming that they are the real manufacturers. In Alibaba dozens of ads proposing you coconut charcoal for hookah & shisha with various prices. How to find out is it real factory, real supplier or middleman or even a fake. 

You should know that there are about 30 working factories of coconut charcoal in Indonesia. Most of the factories are located in Central Java and Sulawesi. Most of the coconut shells are from North Sulawesi. There are several factories in Kalimantan and Sumatra. 

Coconut charcoal cubes on fire

Check how to check Indonesian coconut shell supplier:

  1. Check if the coconut charcoal factory is a legal entity. Most of the companies in Indonesia have PT or CV before the name. Go to the website of General Director of Law write down the name of the company without PT or CV. If you can find the name of the company on the list – it is a legal and registered company. If there is no exact name in the list – it is a fake factory.
  2. Compare the prices. Send price requests for coconut charcoal to several suppliers. Compare the prices. If there some prices are 30-50% cheaper than average – it may be a signal that they are fake producers. Most charcoal factories have the same price due to the similarity of the production process and cost of acquiring coconut shells.
  3. Make a video call. Use Skype or Whatsapp to make a video call to your sales manager.  Call during the working hours in Indonesia (GMT +7). See if the sales manager is in the office or in the charcoal factory. If the sales are at home – ask when you can call him to see the real factory. Ask the manager to go around the factory or office to show that it is real charcoal factory.
  4. Ask the seller to send you photos of stock, loaded containers. Ask him to write down your name or today’s date on a piece of paper and put it on the stock of charcoal. It will help you to prove that the photo is made special for you and not just photo from the Internet.
  5. Check information of Bill of lading. Ask your seller to send you Bill of lading already shipping containers with coconut charcoal. Check who is the shipper/sender, is it the same name as the factory? What is the description of the goods? Check the date of issue. How many month or years ago this document was issued.
  6. Ask to send you samples of charcoal. Usually, samples are free, but delivery is paid by the receiver (you). Pay your attention to how fast the seller prepares samples. Usually, real factories send samples on the next day.
  7. Ask references from previous buyers. It is ok to ask the phone number of their buyer. Call them asking did they really buy from this charcoal factory. It is a simple but powerful tip to check the charcoal factory. If the seller cannot provide you with customer information – be careful.
  8. Visit the coconut charcoal factory. Arrange your visit to Indonesia to see the coconut charcoal factory with your own eyes. It is easy to visit Indonesia, probably you do not need a visa to come here. Check it before coming. 2-3 days is enough to visit 5-6 charcoal factories in Indonesia. Ask the seller to pick you up at the airport and bring you to the factory. After arriving at the factory you can talk to workers, ask them who is the boss. Do not ask them very complicated questions, just say in Indonesian – β€œSiapa bos di sini” – who is the boss here – they will show you the real owner or manager.
  9. Google the company name β€“ see the comments. Try to write the company name + work β€œfake” on Google. If there are any negative comments – be careful.
  10. Go to Google Maps and open the coconut charcoal factory address. Switch to the street view. See if the building looks like a factory, is there any sign of the charcoal factory. You should do this step before coming to Indonesia.

It was 10 main tips on how to check the coconut charcoal factory in Indonesia. Most of the factories are real and working good. Just be careful and use common sense to check the charcoal supplier. 

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