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#1 Leading Indonesia coconut shell charcoal briquettes factory

Hookah Coals Manufacturer

Manufacturer & Supplier of Indonesian hookah coals with your brand

Price from 1100 USD per ton

Minimum order from 2 tons

Hookah coals are made from 100% natural Sulawesi’s origin coconut charcoal shells, are environmentally friendly, and are chemical free. The best choice for bulk wholesale hookah distributors with export quality

We have been working since 2016, making 300 tons of hookah coals per month and exporting to the USA, Australia, UK, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Chezh, Poland, South Korea, Qatar, and Bahrain.

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Best Quality Hookah

Working only with Wholesale Bulk Suppliers of Hookah coals made from coconut shell charcoal:
Odorless, Spark-Free, Crack-Free, 100% Chemical-Free.
All hookah coals are tested for quality with an independent laboratory.

1.6% ash content
1.6% ash content

Very low ash content with a natural silver-white color of ash

650 celsisus high heat
650 Celsius high heat

Extra high heat of charcoal for hookah smoking

2.5 hours burning time
2.5 hours of burning time

Up to 2.5+hours of stable burning time for smoking

About Hookah Coals Factory

We are one of the top world hookah coals suppliers for coconut shell charcoal briquette manufacturers from Indonesia, with a full set of production and export documents and great experience in exporting to 12 countries worldwide

Short Video About our Factory
Factory namePT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia
Registration Number (NIB)0220001680488
Year of Established2016
Owners nameWilson Gosalim
Factory AddressJl. Mayor Unus, KM 1.5 Magelang 56172, Central Java, Indonesia
CertificationISO 9001:2015, Factory Audit by Beckjorindo
Productshisha charcoal made from coconut shells
Production capacity10 tons per day
Email &, +628118797070
factory information

Wholesale Bulk Purchases Only

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying hookah coals for wholesale bulk purchases, catering to distributors, shisha lounge owners, and businesses seeking high-quality charcoal in large quantities.

Our factory provides the best quality pricing ratio and timely delivery to meet your wholesale needs.

We are PT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia Indonesian Coconut Charcoal Shell Factory, your go-to source for premium hookah coals, exclusively for wholesale bulk purchases. Our factory produces top-quality coconut shell charcoal briquettes tailored for hookah enthusiasts and businesses worldwide.

Why Choose Our Shisha Charcoal?

  1. Natural and Environmentally Friendly: Crafted from 100% natural coconut shell charcoal, our briquettes are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.
  2. Superior Performance: Our shisha charcoal offers a high heat output of 650°C, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent shisha smoking session that lasts up to 2.5 hours.
  3. Low Ash Content: we are the first factory to start making a low ash content of 1.6%; our charcoal minimizes residue, making cleanup quick and easy.
  4. Odorless and Crack-Free: Enjoy a pure and smooth smoking experience with odorless coconut charcoal, free from cracks and extra strong.
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Hookah Coals Photos

Photos of our products. All shisha charcoal is made from natural 100% coconut shell charcoal with a carbonization level of 85%+ and laboratory-tested - coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha cube shape on fire – coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha cube shape on fire - hookah coals hexa shape – hookah coals hexa shape - hookah coals finger type – hookah coals finger type - shisha coconut charcoal cubes – shisha coconut charcoal cubes
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Hookah Coals Factory Photos

Discover Our Hookah Coals Factory: Photo Highlights

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Do not have time? Check out our Virtual Factory Tour, where you can see all around our factory or set up a time. We can call via Zoom, WhatsApp video call, Botim, or Telegram to show our factory.

Hookah Coals Specification

Hookah Coals Specifications: Quality and Performance

Our factory specializes in producing only hookah coals.

We do not manufacture BBQ charcoal or activated carbon; we focus exclusively on hookah coconut shell charcoal.

We offer two specifications: Super Premium and Platinum.

The main difference between them is the ash content. Super Premium has an ash content of 1.9-2.2%, while Platinum delivers an even lower ash content of 1.6-1.9%.

We produce one of the world’s lowest ash-content coconut charcoal, consistently delivering the same high quality in every batch.

Download PDF Specification for Hookah Coals

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Super Premium

Perfect for Wholesale Supply to Shisha Lounges and Retail Shops: Best Price-to-Value Offer

  • Ash content: 1.9 – 2.2%
  • Fixed Carbon: 75+%
  • Moisture: 4%
  • Volatile matter: max 15 %
  • Calorific Value: 7800 kcal
  • Heat Value: 650 °C
  • Standby burning time (C26) 2.5 hours
  • Effective smoking temperature change (60 min): 650 – 500°C

98% natural coconut shell charcoal + Tapioka (as binder) + spring water with pH 6.5

  • Free from Smell
  • Extra strong, no cracks
  • Exact & precise cutting



Ideal for highly competitive markets with very demanding and selective clients focusing on quality

  • Ash content: 1.6 – 1.9%
  • Fixed Carbon: 85+%
  • Moisture: 4%
  • Volatile matter: max 15 %
  • Calorific Value: 7800 kcal
  • Heat Value: 650 °C
  • Standby burning time (C26) 2.5 hours
  • Effective smoking temperature change (60 min): 650 – 500°C

99% natural coconut shell charcoal + Tapioka (as binder) + spring water with pH 6.5

  • Free from Smell
  • Extra strong, no cracks
  • Exact & precise cutting

Hookah Coals Price list

Explore our price list for hookah coals made from natural premium Indonesian coconut shell charcoal. Please note that this is our general public price list. For detailed and customized pricing tailored to your needs, contact us directly.

Hookah Coals

Super Premium

Super Premium

Ash content

price starts from

1100 USD

per ton

manufacturing shisha charcoal with your brand

Manufacturing & supply hookah coals with your own brand

made from 100% natural coconut shell charcoal with a carbonization level of 85%+

free from smell, free from smoke
extra strong

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Hookah Coals



Ash content

price starts from

1400 USD

per ton

manufacturing shisha charcoal with your brand (on black)

Manufacturing hookah coals with your own brand

made from 100% natural coconut shell charcoal with a carbonization level of 85%+

free from smell, free from smoke
extra strong

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Hookah Coals Types & Sizes

We manufacture and supply 11 types of coconut charcoal briquettes for wholesale and bulk buyers of hookah coals.
All coconut charcoal briquettes are made from 100% natural coconut shells

We can customize shisha charcoal to your specifications, including options with holes and other types.

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Hookah Coals Effective Burning Time

Long-Lasting Hookah Coals: Effective Burning Time for Extended Sessions. Each production batch undergoes QC to measure and check temperature stability, sufficiency, and size, ensuring optimal performance for prolonged hookah smoking sessions.

The following are photos of measuring the effective time for shisha smoking (burning) for hookah coals. We warm up shisha charcoal cubes on an electric heater (600 Kwh) for 12 minutes, then put them in the shisha bowl and start smoking. Photos were made every 10 minutes, and we also measured the size of the charcoal.

Shisha charcoal’s effective (means real) burning time shows us how long you can smoke shisha (in our test, shisha was smoked by four active smokers) without changing the charcoal.

Charcoal ash was cleaned every 20 minutes. The position of the charcoal was not changed during the whole smoking process.

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Hookah Coals Quality Control

We are very serious about our quality, so we have ISO 9001 certification 7, steps quality control, and a dedicated QC team. Make sure each container of hookah coals you receive is the same as before

Gatot Wibowo, director and head of production coconut charcoal briquettes
Gatot Wibowo, director and head of production of coconut charcoal briquettes

Phone: +6285328727291

Why choose us? Why can we sell to the USA, Australia, Russia, and other demanding, high-quality markets?

  • Seven Steps Quality Control
  • ISO 9001
  • Independent Laboratory tested
  • Patent pending manufacturing technology
  • Operates own burning facility at Halmahera & Sulawesi islands
  • Own a farm with 21000 coconut trees
  • Inhouse Quality control team.

Read more about our Quality Control procedures, Quality Guarantee, and how we make sure our quality is always the same.

We specialize on hookah coals only with extra low ash content and highest quality

we are not making BBQ or other types only hookah coals
Guarantee letter
Guarantee letter

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the delivery of the highest quality 100% natural coconut charcoal briquettes according to the specifications.

Each batch of coconut shells undergoes individual testing in an independent laboratory and our dedicated in-house laboratory to assess ash, moisture, and carbon content.

Buyers are invited to visit our charcoal briquettes factory to inspect and monitor our production and container staffing.

Samples from every batch of charcoal briquettes are kept at our factory to ensure consistent quality and specifications for repeat bulk orders.

For additional quality control, you can use an independent surveyor. We collaborate with Beckjoridno, Carsurin, Intertek, and SGC.

Get more information on our Quality Garantee

Contact us via WhatsApp for detailed insights into our manufacturing process, packaging procedures, and quality control measures. Discover why our factory consistently delivers the same high-quality products in every container.

TrustPilot reviews
Trustpilot reviews
Google My Business Reviews
Google My Business Reviews

Even within the B2B wholesale industry, our clients consistently provide positive feedback.

Hookah Coals Certifications

Our factory is fully certified and has all the certifications and papers required for the production and exporting of hookah coals all over the world.

ISO9001 Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate
Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Analysis
SHT Self Heating Test
SHT Self-Heating Test

We utilize our in-house laboratory and independent surveyors, such as Backjoridno and Carsurin, to test our coconut charcoal briquettes. Constant cross-checking of lab results is a crucial aspect of our quality control process for charcoal briquette manufacturing.

Ask for our certifications

PT Coco Total Karbon Indonesia is a fully certified charcoal briquettes factory established to meet your wholesale needs.

Hookah Coals Shipping & Delivery

Shipping hookah coals can be complex, as most shipping lines classify it as Dangerous Goods. Only a select few are willing to handle its delivery.

Minimum Order (MOQ): starts from 18 tons of charcoal or a 20″ft container. For some destinations, 2 tons as a minimum order is also available.

We can do stuffing on or without pallets.

Container Capacity

stuffing 20ft container

20″ft container can fit up to 1850 master box of cube 25 mm, packed in single wall master box. The number of boxes is limited by container volume.

40ft container MSC

40″ft container can fit up to 2500 master boxes of cubes 25 mm, packed in single wall master box.

The number of boxes is limited by max container gross weight.

All shipping is verified and checked by an independent surveyor from Beckjorindo or Carsurin.

We are using thermoblanket (proliner) to protect your charcoal from moisture and temperature changes.

Each container has a silica gel moisture absorber to protect your boxes.

Photos of Container Stuffing

stuffing 20ft container
stuffing 20ft container
stuffing 20ft container
stuffing 20ft container

We ship with MSC (Medeterian Shipping Lines), OOCL, CMA CGM, SITC, Sinokor, Heung A Line, Vasi Lines, and Emirates Shipping.

Read more about Transit (shipping) time to main ports

Check out the latest shipping price from Semarang

Port of Loading: Semarang, By request, is available in Surabaya or Jakarta

Departure: every Tuesday, every week

Latest container stuffing day: Friday each week

Get The Latest Shipping Price

Shipping price changes every two weeks. Moreover, some additional charges are hidden. WhatsApp to get all the shipping information.

Export Documents

We provide a complete set of export documents for the USA, Europe, the UK, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and others.

export documents for coconut charcoal briquettes
export documents for coconut charcoal briquettes
  • BL – Bill of Lading
  • COO – Certificate of Origin
  • Packing list & Invoice
  • ISF (only for the USA)

Read more about shipping documents on our website

  • MSDS (Material Data Sheet)
  • FA (Factory Audit by Carsurin & Beckjorindo)
  • SHT (Self-Heating Test)
  • COA/ROA (Laboratory analysis)
  • Vanning Certificate
  • Manufacturing Declaration
  • Packaging Declaration
Get Consultation on the Export Documents

If you’re uncertain about the necessary import documents for hookah coals in your country, contact us on WhatsApp. With extensive experience in worldwide exports, we can provide valuable guidance.

Hookah Coals Packaging With Your Own Brand

We are an OEM, white-label manufacturer, meaning you can order hookah coals with your brand

full packaging shisha charcoal
full packaging shisha charcoal

Master box with inner plastic. The best solution for shisha cafes

bulk inner plastic packaging shisha charcoal
bulk inner plastic packaging shisha charcoal

Master box with inner box. Great for retail and building your brand

loose packaging shisha charcoal
loose packaging shisha charcoal

Bulk loose packaging is best for hookah lounges with high turnover

More information on packaging, different types of master and inner boxes

Ask us about branding your own packaging

Do you want to make hookah coals with your own brand? We will help you with it


Frequently Asked Questions about Wholesale Bulk purchasing of hookah coals

We know how important it is for you to receive top-quality coconut charcoal briquettes that meet your exact needs. We are in the same "boat" with our clients. The more you can sell - the more you will order from us. That is why quality and good price is the main focus at our factory. Here’s how we make sure you get the best:

1. Committed to Quality: Our factory proudly holds the ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring that our production processes meet top-notch international standards. We are Factory Audited, by Beckjorindo the independent laboratory in Indonesia.

2. Thorough Quality Checks: We have a dedicated Quality Control team at our factory to perform seven steps of quality control during the production of all our hookah coals. This helps us maintain a consistent quality.

3. Independent Testing: We go the extra mile by having each batch of our briquettes tested independently in a laboratory, usually we use Beckjorindo, Carsurin, or SGS for the laboratory. This ensures our products are up to scratch before they reach you.

4. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We genuinely care about your satisfaction. If our coconut charcoal briquettes don't match the specifications we promised, we’ll either exchange them or refund your purchase. We want you to profit from our products, just as we do.

5. Friendly and Responsive Support: If you ever have any concerns about the quality of our charcoal, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach our shisha charcoal expert Greg at email or via WhatsApp at +628118797070. Our Quality Control team, and Greg Ryabtsev personally, are here to help you with any issues. We take pride in taking care of our customers.

Thank you for trusting us with your coconut charcoal briquette needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

We know how important it is for you to receive consistent, high-quality shisha charcoal in every shipment. Shisha charcoal is made from coconut shells that are natural product and can vary from season to season and depending on its growing location too. Here’s how we ensure that happens, even with the natural variations in coconut shells:

1. Standardized Production Process: Our ISO 9001:2015 certified factory follows a strict, standardized production process. This ensures that every batch of charcoal is produced with the same high-quality standards.

2. Seven Steps of Quality Control: Our dedicated Quality Control team conducts seven meticulous steps of quality control throughout the production process. This starts from collecting coconut shells, burning, grinding, compressing, and cutting. Each step includes checks for uniform size, shape, density, and burn time to ensure consistency.

3. Consistent Raw Materials: We own and operate our own farms in North Sulawesi and Halmahera Islands, with over 20,000 palm trees. Additionally, we have our own coconut shell burning facility in Halmahera. This control over our raw materials helps us maintain consistent quality all the time.

4. Independent Laboratory Testing: Each batch of our shisha charcoal undergoes independent laboratory testing. This additional layer of verification ensures that our products meet stringent quality standards before they are shipped out.

5. Batch Tracking System: We employ a batch tracking system that allows us to monitor and record the quality metrics of each production batch. This helps us trace and address any inconsistencies quickly.

6. Final Inspection Before Shipping: Before any shipment leaves our facility, it undergoes a final quality inspection. We usually invite an independent inspector from the laboratory to cross-check our work, ensuring every container meets our high standards.

7. Customer Feedback Loop: We highly value feedback from our customers and use it to continually improve our processes. If any issues are reported, we investigate and rectify them to prevent recurrence.

By implementing these measures, we ensure that each container and shipment of our shisha charcoal maintains the same high quality, giving you peace of mind with every order.

We take quality and safety seriously, and our certifications reflect our commitment to excellence. Here are the certifications and tests that back our shisha charcoal:

1. ISO 9001:2015 Certification: Our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means we adhere to international standards for quality management systems.

2. Factory Audit by Beckjorindo: Our factory undergoes regular audits by Beckjorindo, an independent laboratory, to ensure our processes and products meet stringent quality standards.

3. Self Heating Tests (SHT): All our shipments undergo Self Heating Tests (SHT) to ensure safety during transportation.

4. Certificates of Analysis: Each batch of our shisha charcoal comes with a Certificate of Analysis, providing detailed information about its quality and composition.

5. Export Certification: We are fully certified for export, ensuring that our products meet international shipping and regulatory standards.

6. Shipping Line Registrations: We are registered with MSC, OOCL, and CMA CGM shipping lines, guaranteeing reliable and efficient delivery of our products.

These certifications and tests ensure that our shisha charcoal meets the highest standards of quality and safety, giving you confidence in every shipment.

Our production capacity for coconut charcoal briquettes is 10 tons per day or 300 tons per month, utilizing 2 production lines with 7 gas ovens to ensure a stable and efficient production process.

Additionally, we have our own burning facility at Halamhera, which provides us with the best quality raw material.

We can manufacture and supply hookah coals for a 20″ft container (18 tons) in just 10 days, and for a 40″ft container (25 tons) in just 14 days, including the processes of grinding, mixing, production, and packing into inner plastic bags. Please note that printing of packaging may take 2-3 weeks.

Shisha charcoal is primarily made from **coconut shells**. These shells are carbonized under controlled burning conditions to achieve a high **fixed carbon level (around 85%)**. This process creates a clean-burning charcoal that's ideal for hookah smoking.

Additionally, some shisha charcoals may include natural binding agents like tapioca starch in small amounts (1-3%) to improve the shape and burning properties. We prioritize using natural materials whenever possible to ensure the quality and consistency of our products.

Our coconut shell shisha charcoal stands out for several great reasons:

1. Stable Quality: We produce some of the world's lowest ash content charcoal at just 1.6%. This means cleaner, longer-lasting burns with consistently high quality.

2. Quality Control: Our seven-step quality control process ensures every batch meets our high standards for uniform size, shape, density, and burn time.

3. Pure Ingredients: Our charcoal is made purely from coconut shells with no wood or chemicals mixed in. This guarantees a natural, high-quality product.

4. Own Raw Materials: We own over 20,000 coconut palm trees and have our own burning facility in Halmahera. This ensures we always have a stable and consistent supply of top-quality raw materials.

5. ISO 9001 Certified: Our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning our production processes meet international standards for quality management.

7. Expert Oversight: Greg Ryabtsev, our shisha charcoal expert, oversees the entire process to ensure our products are the best they can be.

7. Focused Expertise: We specialize only in shisha charcoal, allowing us to focus on making the best product possible. This specialization helps our clients become top sellers in their regions.

These factors make our coconut shell shisha charcoal a superior choice for anyone looking for quality, reliability, and excellent performance.

Using coconut shell shisha charcoal comes with a host of benefits:

1. Cleaner Burn: Coconut shell charcoal has a low ash content, resulting in a cleaner burn. Our charcoal has an ash content of just 1.6%, making it one of the cleanest options available. No ash is falling down to your bowl

2. Longer-Lasting: Coconut shell charcoal burns longer than other types of charcoal, allowing for extended shisha sessions without needing frequent replacements. Cube 25, for example can last up to 2 hours 25 minutes on standby or more then one hour during hookah smoking session.

4. Pure and Natural: Our charcoal is made purely from coconut shells with no added wood or chemicals, ensuring a natural product that’s better for your health and the environment. Basically no smell and no headache after smoking. You feel the tobacco taste all the time, not the charcoal taste

5. Eco-Friendly: Using coconut shells, a renewable and sustainable resource, helps reduce waste and environmental impact. It’s a more eco-friendly choice compared to traditional wood-based charcoal.

6. No Sparks and No Smell: Our charcoal produces no sparks and no smell, providing a safer and more pleasant shisha experience.

7. Beautiful Flame: The flame of our coconut shell charcoal looks beautiful, adding to the overall enjoyment of your shisha session.

8. Stable Heat Output: Our coconut shell charcoal provides a stable heat output of 650°C during the first one and a half hours, making it perfect for shisha smoking and ensuring a consistent, enjoyable session.

9. Minimal Odor and Taste: Coconut shell charcoal produces minimal odor and does not affect the taste of your shisha, providing a more enjoyable smoking experience.

These benefits make coconut shell shisha charcoal a superior choice for a premium smoking experience.

Yes, our coconut shell shisha charcoal products are both eco-friendly and sustainable. Here’s how:

1. Renewable Resource: Our charcoal is made from coconut shells, a renewable byproduct of the coconut industry. This means we’re utilizing a material that would otherwise go to waste.

2. Sustainable Practices: We own and operate over 20,000 coconut palm trees, ensuring a stable and sustainable supply of raw materials. Our farming and production practices are designed to minimize environmental impact.

3. No Deforestation: Unlike wood-based charcoals, our product does not contribute to deforestation. We do not use any wood or chemicals in our charcoal, making it a more sustainable choice.

4. Low Emissions: Our production process is designed to minimize emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. By using efficient burning techniques and modern equipment, we produce high-quality charcoal with less environmental impact.

5. ISO 9001 Certified: Our factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified, meaning we adhere to international standards for quality management and environmental responsibility.

6. Minimal Waste: The production of coconut shell charcoal generates very little waste, and any byproducts are managed in an environmentally responsible manner.

By choosing our coconut shell shisha charcoal, you are supporting eco-friendly and sustainable practices, contributing to a healthier planet.

Our shisha charcoal, made from pure coconut shells, produces a high and stable heat of 650°C, which is ideal for shisha smoking. After heating up, the charcoal maintains this temperature throughout a one and a half-hour smoking session, ensuring your shisha tobacco is perfectly heated to bring out all the flavors.

Thanks to the high fixed carbon content of 85% and above, our charcoal provides an efficient burning process, generating up to 7500 kcal. We operate our own burning facility on Halmahera Island, allowing us to maintain consistent quality in our coconut shells.

Yes, our shisha charcoal is made from natural, well-pyrolyzed coconut shells with a fixed carbon content of 85% and above, ensuring it produces no smell or fluids during burning. For the binder, we use a specially produced tapioca starch (just 1 to 3%) that does not affect the taste or smell. For more detailed information, read our article "Why does coconut charcoal for hookah smell?" to understand the topic better.

When discussing shipping times, it's important to distinguish between lead time (manufacturing time) and transit (shipping time).

Shipping Time:

- EU Region: On average, shipping takes about 35 days. During exceptional circumstances like the Red Sea crisis, it can take up to 2 months.
- USA: Typically, it takes 45-60 days on average.
- Middle East Countries: Shipping to these destinations generally takes around 2 weeks.

Lead Time:

- Shisha Charcoal: It takes 10 days to prepare a 20 ft container and 14 days for a 40 ft container.

Please note that these are average times and can vary based on specific circumstances and destination ports. For the most accurate and current shipping times, please contact our logistics team.

Please note that we work exclusively with wholesale orders starting from 2 tons per type/packaging. To place an order, simply contact our hookah coals expert Greg Ryabtsev via WhatsApp at +628118797070 or email at

Here's the ordering process:

1. Contact Us: Reach out to Greg Ryabtsev with your requirements.
2. Cost Calculation: We will calculate the exact cost of your order and your down payment.
3. Packaging Design: We will send you the layout (die-cut) and sizes of the packaging so your designer can create an eye-catching box for you.
4. Production Scheduling: Once your design is ready, we will schedule your production.
5. Order Fulfillment: We will manufacture and ship your shisha charcoal order.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance with your order.

We usually assist in finding a reliable shipping line based on price, delivery time, and reliability. Only certain shipping lines accept shisha charcoal, and most classify it as Dangerous Goods rather than General Goods. We typically use MSC, OOCL, CMA CGM, Emirates Shipping, Vasi Shipping, and Asyad Shipping lines.

If you have your own shipping arrangements or better options with cheaper prices, you are welcome to use them. However, if you need assistance, we can handle the shipping to your port. Please note that upon arrival at your destination port, you will need to handle customs clearance and other logistics, or you can hire a customs broker or shipping agent in your country to manage this for you.

Yes, we have MSDS available for our charcoal. Please contact us via WhatsApp at +628118797070 or email at to request the latest MSDS. You can also click this MSDS link to view the document directly.

Yes, our factory has been audited and we have a Factory Audit from Beckjorindo Laboratory. Please contact us via WhatsApp at +628118797070 or email at to request a scanned copy of the document.

Certainly, we have both Self Heating Test (SHT) and Result of Analysis (ROA) documents. We conduct these tests for all shipments. If you would like to see these documents, please contact our shisha charcoal expert Greg Ryabtsev via WhatsApp at +628118797070 or email at

Yes, Indonesia the the main exporter of shisha coconut shell charcoal. Simply because the soil where coconut trees are growing contains perfect composition of minerals and other elements that makes Indonesian coconut shell produce very low ash content, natural white ash and very high heat.

Coconut shell shisha charcoal is manufactured through a multi-step process:

1. Coconut Shell Collection: We collect discarded coconut shells, primarily sourced from our own coconut tree plantations in North Sulawesi, where we have over 20,000 trees.

2. Drying and Sorting: The collected shells are dried in the sun and sorted to remove impurities.

3. Carbonization: The dried shells undergo carbonization, a process where they are heated in an environment with limited oxygen. This converts the shells into charcoal, removing volatile compounds and leaving behind a porous, carbon-rich material. Our own burning facility at Halmahera Island ensures stable and high-quality production batches.

4. Crushing and Sizing: The charcoal is crushed into smaller pieces and sorted to achieve the desired size range.

5. Mixing, Compression, and Cutting: The charcoal is mixed with tapioca starch binder, compressed, and cut into the desired shape.

6. Drying: We use gas ovens to dry the shisha charcoal, ensuring a maximum moisture content of 4%. The drying process typically takes from 36 to 80 hours, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout.

7. Packaging: The charcoal is packaged for distribution, often in air-tight bags or containers to prevent moisture absorption.

Our manufacturing process does not involve the use of chemicals, ensuring that our products do not affect the smell or taste of the shisha.

Certainly! Our coconut charcoal factory in Magelang, Indonesia, warmly welcomes visitors. Our address is: Jl. Mayor Unus km 1.5 Magelang 56127, Central Java, Indonesia

If you’re interested in seeing our production process, please let us know your expected arrival date and time, and we’ll arrange to pick you up at either Semarang or Jogjakarta airport. Our team will transport you to the factory, which is about a two-hour drive from the airport.

We’re also happy to assist with arranging your accommodations in Magelang. Many of our first-time wholesale buyers find it incredibly helpful to visit the factory, meet our team, and see the production process, packing, and container stuffing firsthand.

Most of our first-time buyers choose to visit our factory before making a purchase. It's a great opportunity to see our team in action, observe the production process, and verify the quality of our charcoal.

Thank you for considering a visit to our coconut charcoal factory! We look forward to welcoming you.

To request a sample of our coconut charcoal briquettes for shisha, please contact us via WhatsApp at +62 811 879 7070 or email us at

Our expert, Greg Ryabtsev, will provide you with all the necessary details about our products, including specifications, pricing, and shipping options.

We offer free samples, which will be delivered through DHL, FedEx, EMS, or SDEK to ensure product quality. However, please note that shipping costs for sample products will be charged to the customer.

We look forward to providing you with a sample of our high-quality shisha charcoal!

For wholesale purchases of our shisha charcoal, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 18 tons. This is due to several factors:

1. Shipping Constraints: Our factory is located in Magelang, Indonesia, and we deliver wholesale orders by sea containers (either 20-foot or 40-foot containers). Shipping lines prohibit Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipments for shisha charcoal, which means that you must order a Full Container Load (FCL) even for quantities under 18 tons.

2. Container Capacity: A 20-foot container can accommodate 17 to 20 tons of shisha charcoal, depending on the size and packaging type. For the popular 25mm cube charcoal with full packaging, we can fit up to 18.5 tons in a 20-foot container.

3. Cost Efficiency: Ordering less than 18 tons significantly increases the transportation cost per kilo, as you would need to pay for an entire container regardless of the quantity. Additionally, packaging printing costs increase for orders under 18 tons due to higher per-piece costs for lower quantities.

4. Air Shipment Limitations: We cannot deliver charcoal by air because the cost would be 2 to 5 USD per kg, which is more than the cost of the charcoal itself.

Therefore, to ensure cost-effectiveness and comply with shipping regulations, our minimum order quantity for wholesale purchases of shisha charcoal is set at 18 tons, which is the typical capacity of a 20-foot container with full packaging.

We offer 11 different shapes of shisha charcoal to cater to various market preferences. Our most popular shapes are cubes, which come in sizes of 20, 22, 23.5, 25 (most popular), 26, 27 (most popular in the EU), 28, 30, and 31 mm. We also produce cubes with holes for higher temperature flow, cubes with ribbons, or curved sides.

Additionally, we manufacture hexagonal charcoal with widths of 20, 21, 22, and 23 mm, and lengths of 35, 40, and 50 mm. Similar sizes are available for finger type (also called tubes), octagonal shapes, and dome shapes.

Other shapes include lotus (also known as the Mercedes logo shape) with 3 or 4 leaves, triangular charcoal, and flat shapes.

The ideal shape and size for your market may vary. For instance, in Russia, 25 and 26 mm cubes are the most popular, while in Australia, hexagonal and finger types are favored. To select the best shape and size for your market, please contact our expert Greg Ryabtsev via WhatsApp for personalized advice.

Yes, you can mix different sizes and shapes in one container. However, please note that the minimum order per shape, size, or packaging type is 2 tons of shisha charcoal. While the cost of the charcoal itself remains the same, smaller orders incur higher packaging printing costs. Our price list is based on an 18-ton order, so splitting the order into multiple sizes, such as 5,000 boxes of 25 mm cubes, 5,000 boxes of 26 mm cubes, and 8,000 boxes of 27 mm cubes, will increase the overall cost compared to ordering a full container of one size. To calculate the exact cost, please contact us.

Yes, we can help you develop and arrange copyrights and patents for any new shapes you want to order. Please keep in mind that manufacturing a custom shape or size will take longer as we need to create molds, perform cutting, and conduct testing before mass production. To discuss your ideas for customized shapes of shisha charcoal, please WhatsApp our expert Greg Ryabtsev.

Absolutely! We specialize in OEM and white label manufacturing for shisha charcoal, allowing you to have it branded under your own name. We offer customizable inner boxes in various sizes: 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg, 1.5 kgs, 2 kgs, and 3 kgs. You can also get master boxes in sizes of 5, 10, 12, 16, or 20 kgs, all featuring your unique design and brand. Reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with the layout and Adobe Illustrator die-cut sizes to get started on your custom packaging design.

Our shisha charcoal has an average burning time of 2.5 hours, but this can vary based on size and airflow. For example, a 25 mm cube has a standby time of 2 hours and 15 minutes in open air (without ash cleaning). During a smoking session with 3-4 smokers, it typically lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes. It's important to note that effective burning time—when the charcoal produces enough heat for a satisfying smoking experience — is what truly matters.

We offer a variety of payment methods for wholesale orders to ensure a smooth and convenient transaction process. You can choose to pay via:

1. Bank Transfer (T/T): This is our most common method. A deposit is typically required to start production, with the balance paid before shipment.
2. Letter of Credit (L/C): For larger orders, we accept Letters of Credit, which provide security for both parties.

We understand that transferring USD can be difficult in some countries, so we also offer our prices in EUR or Yuan. In some cases, we can accept payment via cash or Bitcoin (USDT) for added convenience. Please contact our sales team to discuss the best payment option for your specific order and requirements.

hipping costs can vary depending on the shipping line and the season. To get the most accurate and current shipping costs, please check our monthly updates on this page: Shipping Time and Cost Updates.

For a general estimate or specific queries, please contact our logistics team directly. They can provide detailed information based on your order size and destination.

While our price list offers the most competitive rates, we are open to discussing additional discounts for orders exceeding 100 tons.

Why Our Current Price is Competitive
Our current pricing structure minimizes costs. However, we can negotiate with our printing and shipping partners to potentially secure a better deal for bulk orders.

Contact Us for Large Orders
Feel free to contact Greg, our hookah coals expert, via Whatsapp to discuss bulk order pricing in more detail.

For international orders, we offer only Full Container Load (FCL) shipping. This means you need to order a full container load of shisha charcoal. Unfortunately, shipping lines do not accept Less Container Load (LCL) or partial shipments, and we cannot mix your charcoal with other goods.

Shipping Options:

- 20-foot Container: Can hold up to 18 tons of shisha charcoal.
- 40-foot Container: Can hold up to 25 tons of shisha charcoal.

Please note that shipping by air is not available due to the extremely high costs, which would exceed the cost of the goods themselves.

For any further assistance or questions regarding shipping options, feel free to contact our shisha charcoal expert Greg at WhatsApp +628118797070 or email

The packaging of our shisha charcoal is customizable based on your order, but generally, it includes an inner plastic wrap, an inner box, and a master box. For more details on packaging types, you can refer to our article.

For container shipping, we take several additional steps to ensure the safety and quality of your charcoal:

1. Cleaning and Quality Check: Before loading, your charcoal boxes are cleaned from dust and rechecked for quality.
2. Container Protection: The inside of the containers is covered either with a thermoblanket or plastic wrapping to protect the charcoal from moisture, dust, and other potential damages.
3. Moisture Absorption: We add silica gel as a moisture absorber for additional protection.
4. Stuffing Supervision: The container stuffing process is overseen by our stuffing supervisor with a special checklist and an independent supervisor from the laboratory.

These measures are taken to ensure your goods are delivered safely. If you'd like to see photos or videos of the stuffing process, please WhatsApp our expert Greg Ryabtsev at +628118797070

Yes, we provide all necessary documents for customs clearance. Every shisha charcoal shipment includes the following documents:

- Bill of Lading (BL)
- Certificate of Origin (COO)
- Invoice
- Packing List
- Export Declaration

These documents are sufficient to start the customs clearance process in your country. For shipments to the US, we also provide an Importer Security Filing (ISF). If you need consultation on the documents, please contact our shisha charcoal expert Greg Ryabtsev via WhatsApp at +628118797070 or email at

Yes, you are most welcome to visit our factory, check our quality, see our production, warehouse, and get to know our team in person. We will arrange for a car to pick you up from the airport in Yogyakarta (YIA) or Semarang. Simply WhatsApp Greg Ryabtsev at +628118797070 or email at to arrange your visit. Factory is working 24/7 but office is from Monday to Saturday from 9 till 5 pm.

In fact, visiting our factory is what most of our clients do. Before placing their first order, many of our customers choose to visit us. Please visit us too

No, we specialize exclusively in natural coconut shell shisha charcoal. We do not produce flavored shisha, fast-burning charcoal, or magic coal. Our focus is on delivering high-quality, natural coconut shell charcoal specifically designed for hookah enthusiasts who value pure and authentic smoking experiences.

No, we specialize solely in shisha charcoal production. While shisha charcoal may appear similar to BBQ or grill charcoal, they are distinct products made from different materials and manufactured using different equipment. It is rare to produce high-quality shisha charcoal alongside BBQ charcoal due to these differences. Our focus remains solely on crafting premium shisha charcoal for the best hookah smoking experience.

When handling shisha charcoal, it's crucial to observe several safety precautions to prevent accidents, injuries, and potential health risks. Here are some essential safety measures to consider:

1. Proper ventilation: Shisha charcoal emits carbon monoxide when burning, a colorless and odorless gas. Always use shisha charcoal in well-ventilated areas and avoid using it indoors without adequate ventilation.

2. Fire safety: Shisha charcoal can reach temperatures as high as 650°C and remain hot for up to 2 hours. Never leave lit charcoal unattended and ensure it's placed on a heat-resistant surface, away from flammable materials. Have a fire extinguisher or water source nearby for emergencies.

3. Personal protective equipment: Use tongs or appropriate tools to handle shisha charcoal, avoiding direct contact with hands. Avoid wearing loose clothing that could catch fire.

4. Proper lighting and handling: Use approved lighting tools or electric heaters designed for shisha charcoal. Never attempt to light charcoal with flammable liquids or accelerants.

5. Children and pet safety: Keep shisha charcoal and related equipment out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental ingestion or injuries.

By following these safety precautions, you can enjoy using shisha charcoal responsibly while minimizing potential risks and hazards.

Shisha charcoal is generally a safe and easy-to-handle product. However, it's important to follow some basic storage guidelines to maintain its quality and safety:

1. Keep away from open fire: Store shisha charcoal away from sources of open flames or sparks to prevent accidental ignition.

2. Avoid direct sunlight: Exposure to direct sunlight can cause shisha charcoal to degrade over time and affect its performance. Store it in a cool, shaded area to maintain its quality.

3. Prevent exposure to high heat: High temperatures can cause shisha charcoal to ignite or deteriorate prematurely. Store it in a cool, dry place away from heat sources such as heaters or stoves.

4. Protect from water: Shisha charcoal can absorb moisture, which may affect its burning properties. Store it in a dry environment and avoid exposure to water or humidity.

By following these simple storage requirements, you can ensure that your shisha charcoal remains safe and effective for use whenever you need it.

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