Visita virtual à Fábrica de Briquetes de Carvão de Coco Portugal

We always welcome our buyers to visit our charcoal factory before placing an order.

In fact, almost all of our first-time buyers visit our factory in person to check our charcoal, see our facilities and become confident in our quality and capacity.

We are happy to assist with airport pickup in Semarang or Yogjakarta and can recommend a variety of hotels, from 5-star villas to business-style accommodations, all just minutes away from the factory.

If you are unable to visit us at this time, you can still see real 360 degrees photos of our production facilities, hookah coals warehouse, and coconut shell storage. Just drag the image around to see the whole sphere (360) photo.

Additionally, if you require more photos or videos, you can contact us via WhatsApp at +6285328727291 and we will be happy to provide you with a live video tour (via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, or Telegram) of our shisha charcoal factory

Factory Main Gates

The coconut charcoal briquettes factory is located at Jl. Mayor Unus KM 1.5, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. You can find the exact location by using this Google Maps link:

We staff all containers at the main factory gates, so when you arrive, we will meet you there as well.

Plat to visit our factory? Just WhatsApp or Email us and we arrange your visit to our factory

Hookah Coals Ready Product Warehouse

Our factory stores ready-to-use coconut charcoal briquettes in a clean and dry warehouse. The boxes containing hookah coals are covered with plastic to protect them from dust, mechanical damage, and moisture. This ensures that your packaging arrives looking nice and shiny

Front View of The Factory

This is the front view of our charcoal factory. Our production facility is located next to the main road, making it very easy for big trailer container trucks to access. There’s no need for restaffing or using a smaller vehicle to transport your products out of the factory, which helps to protect the charcoal briquettes.

Charcoal Production Area #1

Our charcoal plant has several dedicated production areas, including mixing, extrusion, cutting, and quality control. This allows us to manufacture up to 10 tons of high-quality coconut charcoal per day, with an ash content of 1.8%, a burning time of 2+ hours, and odorless and extra strong hookah coals.

Charcoal Production Area #2

Having more production areas is always better, as it provides our workers with more space to create beautiful coconut charcoal. It’s important to note that we implement a coconut charcoal production 8-step quality control procedure in all stages of production to ensure that our charcoal is of the highest quality and meets our promises.

Additionally, our factory is audited and certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, making us one of the few charcoal producers in the industry with this certification.

Left Side of Charcoal Factory

Coconut Charcoal Warehouse Main Gates

Our factory is equipped with a huge warehouse spanning over 3000 sqm, which allows us to store large amounts of raw materials up to 2000+ tonnes, specifically coconut charcoal shells.

Additionally, we operate our own coconut shell-burning facility in Halmahera. This enables us to store charcoal shells during the dry season in Indonesia, ensuring their quality while also keeping the best price for the raw material.

As a result, our customers not only enjoy the highest quality hookah coals, including 1.8% ash content, 2+ hours of burning time, and natural white ash but also the lowest prices for charcoal of the same level of quality when compared to other manufacturers.

Charcoal Drying Facility #1

Our factory has a dedicated floor area for drying coconut charcoal shells. Although we usually manage to produce dry and high-quality charcoal, this additional step ensures that our quality remains consistently high and without interruptions.

This area is often empty, but it serves as a valuable tool in our manufacturing process.

Charcoal Warehouse #2

Charcoal Warehouse #3