Payment Methods

How to pay and transfer payment for coconut charcoal briquettes

coconut charcoal briquettes
coconut charcoal briquettes

The standard payment method is bank transfer or Telegraph transfer. You are sending money from your bank account to our corporate bank account in Indonesia.

Generally, to make the international transfer you need only a signed invoice. But for some countries, such as Russia, you also have to open a “deal passport” based on a framework contract between your company and our factory.

We provide all documents, including invoice, contract, and framework contract, if needed. Please let us know, so we can fill it in based on your data.

Money transfer takes from 1 to 5 days to hit our account. An average is 2 working days. After you perform transaction, please send us a copy of payment slip.

Our corporate bank account number is:

Bank : Mandiri Tbk
Branch : Jepara
Account : 184.00.0070445.0

In the unlikely case of a problem with transferring money – something like you transfer, but we do not receive it – you can always request SWIFT confirmation from your bank.

Staffing container with coconut charcoal briquettes

Based on SWIFT slip or confirmation we can track money status and know where did it stick. But it is very seldom the situation. Usually, we received money for a couple of days.

To make a money transfer we give you our corporate account number and bank SWIFT code. Note, that we use only corporate account numbers in Indonesian banks. We never ask to send money to the private accounts or via Western Union.

We use the following Indonesian banks: BCA ( Bank Central Asia Tbk), swift code is CENAIDJA or Bank Mandiri Tbk with swift code BMRIIDJA. Those are the two biggest private and government-owned banks in Indonesia.

Those banks have a direct connection with most of first-grade international banks. It is very easy transfer and track the money.

In most cases you have to do transfer for two times. First time is to make a downpayment. Usually, downpayment is 50% of the invoice value of coconut charcoal briquettes.

The second time or it is also called balance payment – you pay the difference between the actual number of boxes of charcoal minus your downpayment. The actual (final) invoice may be slightly different from the initial one (called proforma invoice) due to the fluctuation of the number of the box per container.

coconut charcoal briquettes
coconut charcoal briquettes

Basically, one 20 feet container can feet up to 18200 kg of charcoal, ie. 18200 inner boxes. But some times the box dimensions may be different or you order some in the master box (bulk) some in the inner box. So the final dimension may vary. At can be +/- 50 boxes.

That is why balance or final invoice can be different for this number of boxes. The number of boxes is counted by an independent surveyor or shipping line staff and our manager at the factory.

The final payment is transferred against the shipping documents. It means that you have to transfer money after the original Bill of Lading is issued by the shipping line.