How To Get Free Samples of Coconut Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha and Hookah

Why you should always ask for samples of coconut charcoal briquettes and how to get it

coconut charcoal briquettes samples
coconut charcoal briquettes samples

Before you buy a container of coconut charcoal briquettes you have to check if the quality, shape and size of briquettes are maching your expectation.

The best way to do it is to check charcoal briquettes by yourself. Visiting charcoal factory is the best way to do it, but it will cost you money, time and effort.

Most of the coconut charcoal factories are located in Central Java, Indonesia. And it takes quite a long time to come here, even by plane. If you are able to visit the factory – you can test charcoal and see the production process. Besides, you can meet people who are running the factory and see in “their eyes”.

There is another good way to check the quality of charcoal without coming to the factory. It simply orders the coconut charcoal samples. No need for coming to the factory.

How to order samples

coconut charcoal briquettes samples
coconut charcoal briquettes samples

Ordering samples is very easy. Just WhatsApp us at +6287786803191 or email to with your address. Please do not forget to tell us your zip/postal code. And, for sure, let us know what types of charcoal do you need.

For example: Super-premium & premium types (ash content 1.8% and 2.5 %, cube shape, size 25 mm). We will prepare & pack samples and will send them to you.

Coconut charcoal briquettes samples of 1 to 2 kg are totally free. But delivery is paid by you. Why we charge you the delivery cost. Answer is very easy – to protect our factory from fraud. There are many requests from guys who just want to get free charcoal for smoking shisha without any entand to buy it.

Delivery of samples is done by EMS (the cheapest) or by DHL (most expensive).

What is the price of delivery samples

Price for delivery depends on EMS or DHL tariff that change regulary. On average cost of delivery samples by EMS to Europe is 65 – 85 USD per kg. Delivery to USA/Canada is 45-55 USD. Delivery to Russia, Ukraina is 50-70 USD.

We do not make any profit from the samples delivery and you pay “as it is”, without any margin from us.

If you are DHL member, you can order via DHL post paid service. To do that – just let us know you DHL account number, company name and delivery address. We will order DHL curier and after delivery to you you will pay directly to DHL

coconut charcoal briquettes samples
coconut charcoal briquettes samples
Can I pay after delivery or COD ?

Sorry, but you have to pay before we send samples. As we are paying to EMS directly at the time of shipping samples

What is the delivery time to my country?

Delivery time (if send by EMS) to Europe countries is 7 to 14 days. To USA/Canada is 10 – 16 days. To Russia is up to 18 days. To UAE is 5 – 10 days. Actual delivery time depends on EMS and my vary.

How can I pay delivery of samples

You can pay by direct transfer of money to our corporate bank account in Indonesia (bank Mandiri or BCA). You can pay by Western Union or you can trasfer via PayPal.

What is you ID in PayPal so I can transfer you shipping cost

Our corporate PayPal ID is

Can you print samples of inner/brand box?

Yes, we can print samples of inner or brand box for you. Please keep in mind that high volume printing (to fill the container) is done on the equipment called “offset printing”. If you need only one pcs of box it will be done on different equipment, called “digital printing”.